Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Everyone that has had a relationship knows how hard it can be. You have to keep lines of communication open, be sensitive to your partner’s feelings, and support one another. The relationship can seem to be amazing and thing are going great until one day they are not. You both missed something that went overlooked. Unfortunately, that missed subject or item led to your relationship starting to take a nose dive as relationships can do if you neglect, overlook, or push things under the rug.

To have a healthy relationship, you have to listen to one another without judgment. Listening can be a hard skill to dominate in. Once you have got listening down, that can really help in your relationship. There are many facets to a solid, healthy relationship. Let’s look at some warning signs that your relationship is not doing so good or may have opportunities to improve.

Are you talking?

An obvious indicator that something is wrong is the two of you barely speak. That may need more of an intervention like what Marriage Counseling can offer. If there is a lack of communication occurring in your relationship, that has got to change. It can really cause havoc and setbacks if not corrected. When this type of problem occurs, there is usually a reluctance to communicate. You simply cannot carry on this way. It isn’t healthy. If you are unable to share thoughts and ideas, then you need a counselor to help show you a different way to communicate or an intervention to try.

Are you always arguing?

Stop the bickering. It is unhealthy and doesn’t do anything for a relationship except destruct it. It’s a way to effectively tear something apart. Does it really matter if you emptied the dish washer last or paid more of the bills this month? As a couple, you are a team. You have to function as one to thrive. Daily arguing, increases your blood pressure and puts a damper on your current relationship. Obviously, there is a misunderstanding or a feeling that someone is feeling disregarded. If this has been something that continues to occur, then you may need a professional to assist that can greatly reduce and even cease the battlefield fights. You can be that romantic relationship in that favorite comedy. Don’t let yourself live the life of a soap opera relationship. It’s time to take control of your relationship and get it back to healthy!

Do you feel you need to keep secrets?

When a married couple or partner feel they need to keep secrets, there is a problem. In a successful relationship, there is transparency. That is a staple to a healthy relationship of any kind. Every person has the right to have privacy, but privacy is different than keeping secrets. When a partner withholds experiences and information, your relationship is at risk for taking a nose dive into the ground. Secrets are a problem for relationships. If you don’t share your increase in salary and use it for something you wanted, that will cause problems when your spouse may need financial help later.

No relationship is perfect. They all need work. However, if you neglect your relationship, it will only sink deeper. Your relationship is a priority. Don’t let it become the thing you forget about.