A Sunroom is the perfect addition


A sunroom is the perfect addition to add to anyone’s home. It will give your home that happy makeover that brings in light and with that an extra room you can stretch your legs in and read a book. This type of room is perfect for letting in lots of sunlight without actually being physically outside. A Sunroom can have large windows, a glass roof, or screen to allow breeze through in the privacy of your own home. Don’t confuse a solarium with a sunroom. The sole purpose of the solarium is to bring in light and heat versus the beauty of mother nature and scenic views.

A sunroom can cost anywhere from $16,000 for a simplistic or smaller room as opposed to a lavish with all the bells and whistles route up to $80,000. As you see, sunrooms have a wide range in cost depending on what your wants and needs are. Location, materials, equipment, and labor will all add to the cost of our sunroom.

Consider a need to get a permit for a sunroom in your jurisdiction as well as a letter from Homeowners Association (HOA) if you have one. These two areas can create problems for you if you fail to complete these to before you start construction. If you are working with a contractor, a lot of times they will help you take care of the permit. They don’t want to start work on a project only to be told they have to stop. They want to get paid and you want your sunroom completed.

Benefits of adding a sunroom are one of many. Adding natural light and space to your home will brighten up the place while adding value to your home. There is nothing better than coming home to a home that is already bringing light from outside versus one that is dark and dreary. Natural light and extra space are show stoppers when selling your home.

Another reason people like sunrooms is that even the homeowner that hates going outdoors and being near insects, heat, and pests will enjoy the ability to bring the outdoors inside. You can enjoy year round views of the outdoors whether it’s sizzling hot outside, too cold, or you are too sick to be out there. Those are some serious benefits especially those that suffer with allergies. Who wants to go outside and breathe in all that pollen during that time of year when everything is coated in yellow powder? This makes enjoying the outdoors easy twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

If you have glass for your roof on your sunroom, you have the added perk of enjoying the stars and the moon at night. There are roofs out there that allow you stay comfortable away from the mosquitos while you gaze on the stars. You can even bird watch if you have trees near your sunroom without suffering through the hot summer days. So many opportunities that you would miss out on without a sunroom.

This room is a great space for bonding with your family. Playing games, reading, working out in, and so many more opportunities of fun with your family and friends. You can use this not just for family get togethers but also for everyday use. Enjoying a cup of joe in the morning watching the birds or reading the newspaper is perfect! This will improve your quality of life for sure staying in the comfort of your own home.

It also adds a sense of style and sophistication to your home. A sunroom can be created to particular taste and doing so will add to the appeal of your home. You can be sure to collect tons of compliments and expect to spend much more time in your new sanctuary. After considering costs, permits, and benefits of having a sunroom, it’s easy to see how to get one and definitely that it will add value and pleasure to your home in many ways. Now get out there and get your sunroom!